Sutivan (island of Brac) taxi & transfer

You chose Sutivan (island of Brac) as start point of your taxi transfer. From the list below, choose your destination. After that, you only need to choose vehicle for your taxi transfer and leave your transfer info to finish your booking. We offer professional taxi service from/to Sutivan (island of Brac) with standard vehicle, mini vans and standard bus. Why choose our taxi service from/to Sutivan (island of Brac)? Top quality service, optimal price and simple on line reservation are just few reasons why choose our taxi services. Don't wait and book safe and comfortable transfer now. All you need to do is choose vehicle depending on number of persons and book your optimal taxi from/to Sutivan (island of Brac).

Split airport
  • Vehicle type:
  • Distance: 48.80 km
  • Estimated transfer duration: 1h 23min

Trogir center
  • Vehicle type:
  • Distance: 55.40 km
  • Estimated transfer duration: 2h 00min

Seget Vranjica (near Trogir)
  • Vehicle type:
  • Distance: 60.80 km
  • Estimated transfer duration: 2h 06min

Zadar airport
  • Vehicle type:
  • Distance: 167.10 km
  • Estimated transfer duration: 3h 47min


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